Indigo Beauty Fiberglass Nail Extension

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Tired of wasting your money and time on low-quality and easy to break acrylic nail extensions? Need some long-lasting and reliable solution?
Grab today our nail extension silk fiberglass to solve your problem.

Latest and Reliable:
This modern technology of lightweight and flexible fiberglass gives a durable, strong, and flexible nail extension product. The natural and non-toxic fiberglass nail extension will never harm your skin or nail bed and is safe to do the daily household work, even cooking, with it.

Directions To Apply:
Trim the nail extension according to your nail shape. Apply a base coat on your nail and put fiberglass on it before it dries. Apply the gel and cure for about 2 minutes to strengthen the nail extension.

Style with Comfort:
The nail extension fiberglass kit helps you to style your nails in any shape or style as you desire. You can customize the length of your nail with this extension to up to 8 cm and can paint them in any color or decorate with nail art.

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